About Us

The Choir

Viva Vocals started off as a funk/soul choir but, in the last couple of years, we have introduced more mainstream popular songs into our repertoire. In the last year, we have worked on new material from artists as diverse as Joni Mitchell, Yazoo, Anna Kendrick and Katy Perry.

As our numbers have increased, we have been able to take on more challenging tasks and we are now able to sing the occasional 4 part ‘a capella’ (no backing track – voices only) items. However, the majority of our set is performed to backing tracks or piano accompaniment.

Viva Vocals in Hedgemead Park, Bath (March 2022)

The Choir Director

John Sandford has been running Viva Vocals for 3 years. He has conducted children and adult choirs for over 30 years but Viva is the first non-auditioned, female voices community choir that he has directed.

John can draw on a wide variety of popular music genres and chooses material for the choir that is both inspirational to sing but also allows opportunities for the development of harmonies.